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Dexe Hair Building Fibers Black 22g

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Dexe hair building fibers is a natural hair product that helps to give your thin hair an instant fuller and thicker look. Hair building fibers is a quick fix to get your hair to appear thicker, it's a great product if you notice patches of thinned out hair or balding. 
The perfect confidence booster for women and men, this natural product instantly eliminates the appearance of thin hair, perfect for black hair.

How to use Dexe hair building fibre :

1.Shape the hair. (Make sure your hair is dry before you use it.)

2.Sprinkle the Dexe Hair Building Fibres for Sparse Hair on the sparse hair area until can not see the scalp.

3.Shape the hair carefully with your hands so that the Hair Building Fiber can completely penetrate the hair, your hair will immediately have a natural look.

5.Before you go to bed, wash your hair with normal shampoo.


1. Amazing effect

Thicken the sparse hair

2. Time saving

5s make sparse hair full

3. Convenient

Just shake the fiber on the bold or sparse head area, easy operation

4. Feature

Hair make up, washable and no side-effect

– Within a few seconds you can make hair looks fuller and thicker.


- Reasonable price to get more confidence and feel like you have more hair. 

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