Own A
Kingsmen Hair Barber Shop 

Be Your Own Boss

Do you like the idea of owning your own business? 

 If so, please keep reading. 

Kingsmen Hair is now 34 barbershops strong and more.  

At Kingsmen Hair we are always looking for the most talented barbers to work with our very excellent team, who strive and love what they do.

We are actively seeking: 

Business partners 

Do you like the idea of working for yourself? 
Imagine waking up in the morning knowing you have a business to run, people depending on your business to keep them looking fresh. Being part of a local community, meeting new people everyday, connecting with the world, leading a team of professional barbers and knowing you can run a successful business with the help of Kingsmen Hair.

We have many business partners at Kingsmen Hair, some of which own more than one Kingsmen Hair Barbershop & they are not stopping! 

 Perhaps you don't know where to begin when setting up a barbershop and a little concerned on where to begin? Well with Kingsmen Hair we take out all the stress of setting up a barbershop, if you want to work with us we will help you from the very first step and lead you on the path to success. 


 If you have any questions, queries or simply just curious about becoming a business partner, get in touch today and find out how you could own a Kingsmen Hair Barbershop.